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Currently active packs:

Currently active packs:

3 Chips to
Make your game count

1. Join

Signup for $20;
Join an active pack or form your own pack.

2. Play

Play any course, any day of the week;
($5 wager)

3. Post

Post hole by hole score to GHIN to get on Weekly and Season Leaderboards.


A pack is simply a set of golfers who play together often and are able to attest each others' scores Ex: Corporate Leagues.


Play any course, any day of the week;
Post your scores to GHIN
...we make those scores count for you on region wide Leader boards

Gift Certificates & bragging rights
for weekly and season top positions
...based on how well you outscore yourself.
How it Works

Qualify to enter End of season
Championship Tournament
...all members with at least 8 scores
in season are eligible.

How It works

Play your round

John Tiger Doe signs up for the week's competitions along with a playing partner

Beat your target

John posts his hole by hole score on GHIN..
We determine how well or worse John did compared to his quota (target points to score)
How are Quotas managed

Lead the pack

John's net score is stacked up with net scores of all the participants in the region to determine his Leader board positions.
Earnings for the week and Season points are awarded

Get rewarded

John leads twice in Weekly Top 10, finishes season at 14th, with total earnings at $89 and looks forward to play the End-of-season Championship tournament.

How are Quotas managed?

Points are allocated to bogeys or better scores:

Bogey: 1 point
Par: 2 points
Birdie: 4 points
Eagle: 8 points
Double eagle: 16 points
Double bogey or worse: 0 points

Quota (Expected points) is determined based on the players's handicap index, handicap adjustment percentage* and Exceptional Score adjustment* value (based on how players score in their previous round).

For players who would like to know the nuts and bolts, here is an example:

John has a handicap index of 11.9.
The course and tees he is playing has a course rating of 69.4, slope rating of 124 and the par is 71

His course handicap is calculated as below:
(Handicap Index*Slope/113) + (Course rating - Par)
= (11.9*124/113) + (69.4-71)
= 11.458

His Playing handicap is obtained by applying a handicap adjustment percentage of 75% which is 8.59. After rounding it is 9. John's quota for the round is 36 minus playing handicap: 36-9 = 27.

John's Final Quota for the round will be Quota(26) plus Exceptional Score adjustment value(1): 27+1 = 28.

*Note: Please refer to 'Adjustment' for detail on how these values are set for a player

Handicap adjustment percentatge* is determined by the player's Leaderboard position in his/her previous round.

Top 33%: 75%
Middle 33%: 85%
Bottom 33%: 95%

Exceptional score adjustment* is applied on top of calculated quota when player posts net points of 2 or above.
Exceptional Score adjustment = Net points minus 1

Ex: Player quota is 27, player posts 30 points, i.e; net points 3. From the following round, exceptional score adjustment for the player would be 2 (3 minus 1).

*Note: Default value of Handicap adjustment is 75% and Exceptional Score adjustment is 0.
The above adjustment process is revised periodically as new patterns in posted scores emerge.

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  • Eligibility - At least 8 posted scores in TheAmateuropen weekly competitions
  • Format - Modified Stableford (Net)
  • Handicap/Quota Based on your Handicap Index and best 6 scores in season
  • Awards Winner, Runner-up, Straightest Drive, Closest to Pin, Longest Putt
  • Schedule: 
    Kansas City - Shoal Creek golf course
    Sept 26th, Saturday 8:30 am shotgun
  • Register here

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create winning possibilities across skill levels;

foster a vibrant community of recreational, yet competitive golfers.

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