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How It works

Play your round

John Tiger Doe signs up for the week's competitions along with a playing partner
Team or Individual or both

Beat your target

John posts his hole by hole score on GHIN..
We determine how well or worse John did compared to his quota (target points to score)
How are Quotas managed

Lead the pack

John's net score is stacked up with net scores of all the participants in the region to determine his Leader board positions.
Earnings for the week and Season points are awarded

Get rewarded

John leads twice in Weekly Top 10, finishes season at 14th, with total earnings at $89 and looks forward to play the End-of-season Championship tournament.

How are Quotas managed?

Points are allocated to bogeys or better scores:

Bogey: 1 point
Par: 2 points
Birdie: 4 points
Eagle: 8 points
Double eagle: 16 points
Double bogey or worse: 0 points

Quota (Expected points) is determined based on the players's handicap index and a handicap adjustment percentage (based on how players score in their previous round).

For players who would like to know the nuts and bolts, here is an example:

John has a handicap index of 11.9
The course and tees he is playing has a course rating of 69.4, slope rating of 124 and the par is 71
His course handicap is calculated as below:
(Handicap Index*Slope/113) + (Course rating - Par)
= (11.9*124/113) + (69.4-71)
= 11.458
His Playing handicap is obtained by applying a handicap adjustment percentage of 85% which is 9.739. After rounding it is 10. John's quota for the round is 36 minus playing handicap: 36 -10 = 26.

Handicap adjustment percentatge is determined by the player's Leaderboard position in his/her previous round(Subject to revision).

Top 33%: 75%
Middle 33%: 85%
Bottom 33%: 95%

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  • Eligibility - At least 8 posted scores in TheAmateuropen weekly competitions
  • Format - Quota system; ties will be broken using last 9-6-3-1 scores relative to Quota
  • Handicap/Quota Based on your Handicap Index and best 8 scores in season
  • Awards Winner, Runner-up, Straightest Drive, Closest to Pin, Longest Putt
  • When/Where/Fees To be Announced


  • 70% ($3.5) of the total competition fees would be disbursed back to members in the form of gift certificates:
    • Individual: $2.5 for weekly payouts and $1 for season points race.
    • Team: $3.5 for weekly payouts.
  • 10% is towards donation to Youth on Course program ($0.50)
  • We are working hard to keep the rest of the costs within 20% (about $1) of the competition fees, this inaugural year.
  • Gift certificates for total earnings will be provided at the end of the regular season; reimbursable at local golf courses/pro shops

The basis for the competitions is handicap index. For players who don't have active handicap index, 1 year subsciption is included in the plaform registration.

ith World Handicap System, all it takes is just 3 scores to get the handicap index. Please go ahead and sign up. You can also post scores from prior rounds to USGA GHIN app.

Course ratings and slope ratings are a factor in determining course handicap, based on which a playing handicap and quota are determined. In the new World Handicap system, USGA has included adjustments for playing condition variations, exceptional rounds etc. making it a very robust framework

The quota assigned is based on USGA handicap index and an adjustment percentage is applied based on the scores/positions from previous round.

All the scores need to be posted to USGA GHIN system. TheAmateurOpen handicap committee periodically reviews the score cards uploaded and posted GHIN scores to ensure adherence.

Scoring scale is not linear. Better players have aggressive scoring opportunities with birdies or better. Birdie gets 4 points, Eagle gets 8 points and so on.

Your best position of all rounds in the week will be taken into consideration for weekly leaderboard, weekly rewards and season points. All your rounds will be counted towards number of rounds played in the season.

Players are welcome to compete in as many rounds as they would like; Best 8 season points scored will be taken into consideration for the End of season Leaderboard.

We wholeheartedly appreciate that. Please spread the word among your friends, we need a lot of sign-ups to get off the ground and stay afloat.

Unfortunately, we can't refund the registration and sign-up fees once paid.

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We are working professionals and Golf nuts with a simple mission to:

celebrate 'compete with yourself' aspect of the game;

create winning possibilities across skill levels;

foster a vibrant community of recreational, yet competitive golfers.


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