• 80% of the pot would be disbursed back to members in the form of gift certificates.
  • We are working hard to keep the rest of the costs within 20% (about $1) of the competition fees, this inaugural year.
  • Gift certificates for total earnings will be provided at the end of the regular season; reimbursable at local golf courses/pro shops

Golf demons will come after them :)

On a serious note:

  • Firstly, all competitions are based on posted scores to GHIN ; and posting unreasonably high scores will have an implication on their official handicap.
  • And then, Quota calculation for a given round (based on handicap index of the player, Course/Slope ratings of the tees) is subject to 2 adjustments:
    • Handicap adjustment percentage (default 75%): set based on the player’s position on the leader board the previous week. If a player is in the top 3rd of players on the leaderboard, they get 75% adjustment and if they are on the bottom 3rd they get 95% adjustment.
    • Exceptional Score adjustment (default 0): set based on net points scored relative to quota in a given competition. It is equal to half the net points rounded down. It becomes effective when net points are 2 or more and will revise only upward for even better scores down the line.
  • We have alerts, checks and balances built into the system to notify us on any systemic attempt to game the program.

The basis for the competitions is handicap index. For players who don't have active handicap index, 1 year subsciption is included in the plaform registration.

With World Handicap System, all it takes is just 3 scores to get the handicap index. Please go ahead and sign up. You can also post scores from prior rounds to USGA GHIN app.

Course ratings and slope ratings are a factor in determining course handicap, based on which a playing handicap and quota are determined. In the new World Handicap system, USGA has included adjustments for playing condition variations, exceptional rounds etc. making it a very robust framework

The quota assigned is based on USGA handicap index and an adjustment percentage is applied based on the scores/positions from previous round.

All the scores need to be posted to USGA GHIN system. TheAmateurOpen handicap committee periodically reviews the score cards uploaded and posted GHIN scores to ensure adherence.

Scoring scale is not linear. Better players have aggressive scoring opportunities with birdies or better. Birdie gets 4 points, Eagle gets 8 points and so on.

Your best position of all rounds in the week will be taken into consideration for weekly leaderboard, weekly rewards and season points. All your rounds will be counted towards number of rounds played in the season.

Players are welcome to compete in as many rounds as they would like; Best 8 season points scored will be taken into consideration for the End of season Leaderboard.

We wholeheartedly appreciate that. Please spread the word among your friends, we need a lot of sign-ups to get off the ground and stay afloat.

Unfortunately, we can't refund the registration and sign-up fees once paid.


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